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Jessica Peffer

Just to let others know, this book teaches you how to draw the following:
Kirin (Chinese Unicorn)
Phoenix (Firebird)
Sea Serpent

I love Neondragon's artwork, I have ever since I saw it on the internet a few years ago. I was happy to hear she had artbooks out and recently purchased two. The other I haven't received in the mail yet, but I went with the cheapest shipping and this one only came in five days later, so I'm not worried about it yet...

Anyways, this would get a complete 5/5 Stars if it weren't for the fact that most of her artwork in this book is already on her website. I don't mind a few, but most of the book was already on her website, the only difference is that she drew out the steps of drawing it. I personally don't do the step by step process, but rather look at a sketch, then make a copy. From there, I can start developing my own characters and forming different positions, etc. So the final sketch, before coloring, were the best parts in this book for me.

The parts that help me the most are detailing fur, creating horns, angles, and open mouths (I don't know why, but I have such difficulty with them...) She also discusses dragon body types, coloring, and other important features when creating your dragon.

My favorite creatures in this book were Griffin at #1 with its babies, and the many dragons. My mom liked the book also, even though she can't draw, but she came to hate the chimera quick when she saw its tail (a snake). (She'd never seen a chimera or heard of it before, which surprised me since I'm her daughter!)

To get a sample of her artwork, here's her website:

I can't wait for the next book to arrive, even more mythical creatures to learn...


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